archive boxes

Dear fans of wine and well-being, we take the liberty of offering you to become "owner" of your own archive wine box situated in the optimal conditions of the Ostrava's underground.
Technical parameters and booth price
Now you have the opportunity to use one of the leasable boxes with the capacity of 150 bottles thus gaining for your wine the best possible place for their maturing to the ideal status. Constant temperature, unchanged humidity, professional supervision - all of this will guarantee a quiet "maturing" for the stored wines. When their time comes, they will provide you an incomparable taste adventure thanks to the features they have acquired during the storage under ideal conditions. A yearly rental of the air-conditioned booth makes CZK 9 000.-
VIP a yearly rental of the air-conditioned booth makes CZK 19 000.
Capacity 220 bottles
Temperature (air-conditioned) 13oC
Optimal humidity
Booth price 9.000,- Kč

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Advantages for the archive box owners
However, this is not everything. If you lease the booth / box, you will - together with other people utilizing this service - become a member of the elite club having right, based upon this fact, to make use of other advantages resulting from the membership. For example, you may invite your friends to sit down and drink a bottle of wine or show them the premises of archive boxes, you will be entitled to rental discounts of the whole cellar in case of using it for private or company events, or you can participate in a controlled wine degustation with owners of wineries whose wines we sell.

Even though the cellar capacity is big, it is not endless. The number of boxes as well as members is limited by 52. This is the maximum number of those who can use our offer. It is only up to you whether you will be among them. We closely cooperate with the Valtice's underground
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